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923775018 / SD7205SLD2P
Supplier’s name or trademark SMEG
Supplier’s model identier SD7205SLD2P
Category of the household refrigerating appliance model
Refrigerator with one or more fresh-
food storage compartments
Energy efciency class of the model A++
Energy consumption in kWh per year, based in standard test results for 24 hours. Actual energy con-
sumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located
Storage volume of each compartment and applicable star rating Refrigerator - 202
The design temperature of ‘other compartments’. For wine storage compartments, the coldest storage
temperature, either pre-set in the compartment or capable of being maintained continuously according
to the manufacturer’s instructions, shall be given
The mention ‘frost-free’ for the relevant compartment (s) Refrigerator
Power cut safe “X” h’ dened as’ temperature rise time’ X
Freezing capacity’ in kg/24 h X
Climate class SN-N-ST-T
Airborne acoustical noise emissions 35
The model is intended to be a build-in appliance yes
This appliance is intended to be used exclusively for the storage of wine no
Product che - Regulation (EU) No 1060/2010 of 28 September 2010
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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PSupplier’s name or trademark SMEGSupplier’s model identier SD7205SLD2PCategory of the household refrigeratin

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PNazwa dostawcy lub znak towarowy SMEGIdentykator modelu dostawcy SD7205SLD2PKategoria modelu urządzenia chło

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PNome do fornecedor ou marca comercial SMEGIdenticador de modelo do fornecedor SD7205SLD2PCategoria de aparel

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PНаименование или товарный знак поставщика SMEGНаименование модели поставщика SD7205SLD2PКатегория модели холо

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PLeverantörens namn eller varumärke SMEGLeverantörens modellidentikation SD7205SLD2PKategori av vitvarans mod

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PSMEG  / SD7205SLD2P          

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PLeverandørens navn eller varemærke SMEGLeverandørens modelidentikation SD7205SLD2PKategori af køle/fryseappa

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PName oder Warenzeichen des Lieferanten SMEGModellkennung des Lieferanten SD7205SLD2PKategorie des Haushaltskü

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PNombre del proveedor o marca comercial SMEGIdenticación del modelo del proveedor SD7205SLD2PCategoría del mo

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PTavarantoimittajan nimi tai tavaramerkki SMEGTavarantoimittajan mallitunniste SD7205SLD2PKotitalouksien kylmä

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PNom du fournisseur ou marque SMEGRéférence du modèle donnée par le fournisseur SD7205SLD2PCatégorie du modèle

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PNome fornitore o marchio commerciale SMEGCodice identicazione modello fornitore SD7205SLD2PCategoria modello

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PNaam leverancier of handelsmerk SMEGIdenticeerbaar model leverancier SD7205SLD2PCategory van model van huish

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222372232-A-322015923775018 / SD7205SLD2PLeverandørens navn eller varemerke SMEGModellens identikator SD7205SLD2PEn kategori av modeller av kjøleskap

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