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Table of Contents
1. Precautions for safety and use_________________________ 4
2. Fitting the appliance in the top _________________________ 5
2.1 Fixing to the supporting structure ________________________________________5
3. Electrical connection ________________________________ 7
4. Gas connection ____________________________________ 8
4.1 Bottled gas connection ________________________________________________9
4.2 Room ventilation_____________________________________________________9
4.3 Combustion gas discharge _____________________________________________9
5. Adapting to different types of gas______________________ 10
5.1 Removing the hob skin _______________________________________________10
5.2 Adjusting for bottled gas ______________________________________________11
5.3 Adjusting for town gas _______________________________________________11
5.4 Adjusting for natural gas______________________________________________11
5.5 Adjusting the primary air flow __________________________________________12
5.6 Reassembling the hob skin____________________________________________12
5.7 Adjusting the minimum setting for natural gas and town gas __________________12
5.8 Adjusting the minimum for bottled gas ___________________________________12
5.9 Hob burner layout ___________________________________________________13
5.10 Greasing the gas taps________________________________________________13
6. Description of controls ______________________________ 14
6.1 The front panel _____________________________________________________14
7. Using the hob _____________________________________ 15
7.1 Lighting burners with safety device______________________________________15
7.2 Positioning the griddle plate ___________________________________________15
7.3 Practical hints for using the burners _____________________________________15
7.4 Pan diameters______________________________________________________15
8. Cleaning and maintenance __________________________ 16
8.1 Cleaning stainless steel ______________________________________________16
8.2 Cleaning the components _____________________________________________16
INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSTALLER: these are intended for the qualified
engineer who is to check the gas supply system and install, commission and test the
INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER: these provide recommendations for use, a
description of the controls and the correct procedures for cleaning and maintaining the
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Page 1 - Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3 1. Precautions for safety and use_________________________ 4 2. Fitting the appliance in the top _________________________ 5 2.

Page 2

Instructions for the Installer 12 5.5 Adjusting the primary air flow Refers to the gap “X” in mm. BURNER G30/G31 30/37 mbar G110 8 mbar G20

Page 3

Instructions for the Installer 13 5.9 Hob burner layout Burner type 1 Semi rapid 2 Rapid 3 Ultra-Rapid 5.10 Greasing the gas taps Over time

Page 4

Instructions for the User 14 6. Description of controls 6.1 The front panel All the hob's control and monitoring devices are placed togeth

Page 5 - 3. Electrical connection

Instructions for the User 15 7. Using the hob Check that the fixing rings, burners, flame diffuser rings and pan stands are fitted correctly.

Page 6 - 4. Gas connection

Instructions for the User 16 8. Cleaning and maintenance Before carrying out any operations, disconnect the appliance from the electricity

Page 9

Precautions for Safety and Use 4 1. Precautions for safety and use THIS MANUAL IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE APPLIANCE. TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT AND KE

Page 10

Instructions for the Installer 5 2. Fitting the appliance in the top The procedures required below must be carried out by a skilled builder an

Page 11 - 5.10 Greasing the gas taps

Instructions for the Installer 6 Fit the insulating gasket provided carefully around the outside edge of the hole made in the top as shown below,

Page 12 - Instructions for the User

Instructions for the Installer 7 3. Electrical connection Check that the power supply line voltage and size are as specified on the nameplate und

Page 13

Instructions for the Installer 8 4. Gas connection If the appliance is installed above an over, the gas hose must be passed around the back of

Page 14

Instructions for the Installer 9 4.1 Bottled gas connection Use a pressure regulator and make the connection to the gas cylinder in accordance wit

Page 15

Instructions for the Installer 10 5. Adapting to different types of gas Before carrying out the operations described below, disconnect the app

Page 16 - 914773119/ B

Instructions for the Installer 11 5.2 Adjusting for bottled gas Undo the screw A and push the support B fully down. Remove the nozzle C with a sp

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