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Page 1 - User Manual

C176DN2PAUser ManualENFridgeFreezer


the indicated storage time is valid dependson the quality of the foods and treatingbefore freezing.HINTS AND TIPSNormal operating soundsThe following

Page 3 - Electrical connection

compartment, can possibly cause theskin to be freeze burnt;• it is advisable to show the freezing indate on each individual pack to enableyou to keep

Page 4 - Disposal

Defrosting the freezerThe freezer compartment is frost free. Thismeans that there is no build up of frostwhen it is in operation, neither on theintern


Problem Possible cause SolutionA square symbol is shown in-stead of numbers on theTemperature Display.Temperature sensor prob-lem.Contact the nearest

Page 6

Problem Possible cause SolutionThe compressor does notstart immediately after press-ing the Shopping, or afterchanging the temperature.This is normal,

Page 7 - Fan function

If the advice does not lead tothe desired result, contact thenearest Authorised ServiceCentre.Replacing the lampThe appliance is equipped with a longl

Page 8 - DAILY USE

Ventilation requirementsThe airflow behind the appliance must besufficient.5 cmmin.200 cm2min.200 cm2CAUTION! Refer to theassembly instructions for th


CONTENTSSafety information 2Safety instructions 3Operation 5Daily use 8Hints and tips 10Care and cleaning 11Troubleshooting 12Installation 15Technical

Page 13


Page 14

• Do not use mechanical devices or other means to acceleratethe defrosting process, other than those recommended bythe manufacturer.• Do not damage th


• Make sure not to cause damage to theelectrical components (e.g. mains plug,mains cable, compressor). Contact theAuthorised Service Centre or anelect


OPERATIONControl Panel51678 4 3 21Display2Freezer Temperature warmer button3Freezer Temperature colder button4OK5Mode6Fridge Temperature warmer button

Page 17

Switching off1. Press the appliance ON/OFF for 5seconds.The display switches off.2. Disconnect the mains plug from thepower socket.Temperature regulat

Page 18

The function switches off byselecting a different settemperature.FastFreeze functionThe FastFreeze function accelerates thefreezing of fresh food and,

Page 19

DAILY USEWARNING! Refer to Safetychapters.Cleaning the interiorBefore using the appliance for the first time,the interior and all internal accessories

Page 20 - 222373555-A-462016

Storage of frozen foodWhen first starting-up or after a period outof use, before putting the products in thecompartment let the appliance run at least

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