Smeg Glass Ceramic Induction Hob SE2642ID2 Manuel de l'utilisateur

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225146 O91
Gebrauchs- und Montageanweisung
Instructions for fitting and use
Glass ceramic induction hob
Instructions de montage et d’utilisation
Table de cuisson vitrocéramique à induction
Gebruiks- en montage-instructies
Keramische inductiekookplaat
Istruzioni per uso e montaggio
Piano di cottura ad induzione in vetroceramica
Instrucciones para el uso y montaje
Encimera vitrocerámica per inducción
Instruções de uso e de montagem
Placa de cozinhar de indução em vitrocerâmica
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Page 1 - 225146 O91

225146 O91Gebrauchs- und MontageanweisungInduktions-Glaskeramik-KochfeldInstructions for fitting and useGlass ceramic induction hobInstructions de mon

Page 2 - For your information

26OperationGBAutomatic boost function Parboiling takes place at power level 9 with the automatic boost function.After a certain time the power level w

Page 3 - Safety instructions

OperationGB27Power boost setting (cooking zones marked with a P)The power boost setting makes additional power available for inductioncooking zones. A

Page 4 - Appliance description

28Cleaning and CareGBCleaning and Care • Before cleaning, switch off the hob and let it cool down.• Never clean the glass ceramic hob with a steam c

Page 5

What to do if trouble occursGB29What to do if trouble occurs Interference with and repairs to the appliance by unqualifiedpersons are dangerous as th

Page 6

30Instructions for assemblyGBInstructi ons for assemblySafety instructions for kitchen unit fitters• Veneers, adhesives and plastic surfaces of surrou

Page 7

Instructions for assemblyGB31Clips• Drive the clips into the worktop cut-out atthe intervals indicated. It is not necessaryto adjust the height due to

Page 8

Instructions for assemblyGB32Bracket • Insert the hob and align it.• From the bottom, insert the brackets withscrews in the holes provided for fasteni

Page 9

Instructions for assemblyGB33Electrical connection• The electrical connection must be carried out by aqualified electrician who is authorised to carry

Page 10 - Operation

18GBDisposing of the packagingPlease dispose of the packaging that came with your appliance inan environmentally friendly way. Recycling in this way s

Page 11

Safety instructionsGB19Safety instructionsConnection and operation• The appliances are constructed in accordance with therelevant safety regulations.•

Page 12 - Cleaning and Care

20Appliance descriptionGBAppliancedescriptionThe decorative design may deviate from the illustrations.A. Induction cooking zone back leftB. Induction

Page 13 - What to do if trouble occurs

OperationGB21OperationThe hobThe hob is equipped with an induction cooking mode. Aninduction coil underneath the glass ceramic hob generates anelectro

Page 14 - Instructions for assembly

22OperationGBCookware for induction hobsThe cookware used for the induction cooking zone must be madeof metal, have magnetic properties and a sufficie

Page 15

OperationGB23Operating the buttonsThe controls described here expect the pressing of a (selection) button to befollowed by the pressing of a subsequen

Page 16

24OperationGBSTOP function The cooking process can be briefly interrupted with the STOP function, e.g. ifthe doorbell rings. The STOP function must be

Page 17

OperationGB25Automatic switch-off (timer) The automatic switch-off device is used to automatically switch off anycooking zone after a stipulated perio

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