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Page 1 - Asciugatrice

DryerAsciugatriceAS 62 C

Page 2 - 1 Warnings

10 - ENprogram.Tocancelanyselectedprogram;• Press“Start/Pause/Cancel”buttonforaboutadurationof3seconds.The“Filtercleaning”and“Wate

Page 3 - 2 Installation

11 - EN5 Maintenance and cleaning Fluff filter Lint and fibres released from the laundry to the air during the drying cycle are collected in the “Flu

Page 4

12 - EN6 Solution suggestions for problemsProblem Cause Explanation/SuggestionDryingprocesstakestoo much time. Coverfilterandfilterdrawerm

Page 6 - Contenitore

2 - EN1 WarningsPlease read the following information. Otherwise, there may be the risk of personal injury or material damage. Moreover, any warranty

Page 7 - Main programs

3 - ENWhenavailableadryingrackcouldbeusedforsuch items.•Plasticarticlessuchasshowercapsorbabies’ waterproof napkin covers should not

Page 8 - B Ready to Wear

4 - ENextended directly to the outdoors. There must be a small number of elbows as not to hinder air ventilation.C The ventilation hose can be routed

Page 9

5 - ENAlwaysfollowtheadviceonthegarmentlabels.Withthisdryer,dryonlythelaundryhavingalabel stating that they are suitable for drying i

Page 10 - End of program

6 - EN4 Selecting a Program and Operating Your MachineControl panel1.On/Offbutton2. Program selection knob3.Start/Pause/Cancelbutton4. Low temper

Page 11 - 5 Maintenance and cleaning

7 - ENTurning the machine onPrepare machine for program selection by pressingthe“On/Off”button.C Pressingthe“On/Off”buttondoesnot necessarily

Page 12

8 - EN*:EnergyLabelstandardprogram(EN61121:2005)AllvaluesgiveninthetablehavebeenfixedaccordingtoEN61121:2005Standard.Thesevalues

Page 13

9 - ENAuxiliary functionLow temperatureThis function allows for drying at lower temperatures and therefore saves energy.WarningLEDwilllightupwhen

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