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Page 1 - Instruction booklet

LARDERInstruction bookletsmeg

Page 2

EN - 8 - CHAPTER 5.BEFORE CALLING SERVICEIf your refrigerator is not working properly,it may be a minor problem, therefore check thefollowing,

Page 3

EN - 9 -If there is noise ; The cooling gas which circulates in the refrigerator c ircuit may make a slightnoise(bubbling sound) e


EN - 10 -This presentation is only for information about the parts of the appliance.Parts may vary according to the appliance model. CHAPTER 6.THE PA

Page 5 - Safety warnings

ELECTRICAL CONNECTION (FOR UK TYPE PLUG)For your safety please read the following informationWarning: This appliance must be earthed.This appliance op


EN - 1 -IndexBEFORE USING YOUR FRIDGE ... 2Safety Instructions ...

Page 11

EN - 2 -Safety Instructions• If the model contains R600a-see name plate under refrigerant (the coolant isobutane),naturals gas that, is very env


EN - 3 -Safety warningsWarning: Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrostingprocess, other than those

Page 13

EN - 4 -Installing and Operating your Fridge• Operating voltage for your fridge is 220-240 V at 50Hz.• Mains cord of your fridge has a gro

Page 14

EN - 5 - CHAPTER 2.USAGE INFORMATIONThermostat SettingLarders (coolers) have not any freezer compartment but can cool below 5°C.• Thermostat automa

Page 15

EN - 6 - CHAPTER 3.CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE• Make sure to unplug the fridge before starting to clean it.• Do not wash your fridge by pouring water

Page 16 - 52111422

EN - 7 -Defrosting • Defrosting occurs automatically in refrigerator compartment during operation ; thedefrost water is collected by the

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