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Page 1 - Instructions for use

Instructions for useRefrigerator

Page 2

142396The appliance is switched on by turning the button (A) towards Max. Green LED on. The appliance is switched off when the arrow on the button poi

Page 3 - Before fi rst operation

142396 Proper use of the appliance, adequately packed food, correct temperature and hygienic precautions produce substantial impact on the quality of

Page 4

142396Equipment depends on the model.• The shelves can be placed optionally placed on the guides inside the appliance. They are protected against pull

Page 5 - Description of the appliance

142396 13Food Timeeggs, marinades, smoked meat up to 10 dayscheese up to 10 dayscarrots, etc… up to 8 daysbutter up to 7 dayscake, fruit, TV-dinner

Page 6 - Installation and connection

142396The appliance needs no special defrosting procedure, because ice deposited at the inner back wall is defrosted automatically.Ice deposited on th

Page 7 - Connecting to power

142396Prior to any cleaning. Please disconnect the appliance from the mains (turn the thermostat button to the position and pull the power cord from

Page 8 - Reverse door swing

14239616Fault: Cause/RemedyThe appliance does not operate after connection to the mains:• Check if there is power in the socket and if the appliance

Page 9 - Control panel

Fault: Cause/RemedyBulb replacement: • Before replacing the light bulb, disconnect the appliance form the power supply. Using the screwdriver remove

Page 10 - Setting the temperature

142396The refrigerator - freezer appliances are cooled by a compressor system which may have nominal operational noise. This depends upon the location

Page 12 - Interior accessories

142396Thank you for your confi dence in buying our appliance and congratulations on the excellent choice. We hope it will successfully serve its purpos

Page 13 - Approximate storage

HS 3966 COOLER CLA 142396/en (12-06)

Page 14 - Defrosting the appliance

142396• Before connecting the appliance read these instructions carefully. They describe the appliance and provide instructions for its safe and corre

Page 15 - Cleaning

142396during the installation, cleaning and disposal of the appliance.• Never let the children play with the appliance.• Self closing door hinge (cert

Page 16 - Troubleshooting guide

142396• Interior accessories of the appliance may vary according to the model.• The pull-out guide drawers are extracted by lifting the rear end and p

Page 17

142396• Place the appliance in dry and well aired room. The appliance operates best at temperature ranges indicated in the chart below. See the releva

Page 18 - Noise level

142396• Use the power cord to connect the appliance to the mains power. Wall outlet must be fi tted with ground terminal (safety socket). The nominal v

Page 19

142396Required tools; socket spanner nr. 8, screwdriver, torx 25Caution! After unscrewing of before fi xing hinges, hold the door to prevent it from fa

Page 20

142396A Temperature selector and ON/OFF buttonB Green LED: illuminated when the appliance is in operationC The Digital temperature display indicates a

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