Smeg FD250 AP1 Manuel de l'utilisateur

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Page 1 - Manuale di istruzioni

enitInstruction ManualManuale di istruzioniFD250 AP1FD250 APS1

Page 2 - .../11

en enCoolingFood storageThe fridge compartment is for the short-termstorage of fresh food and drinks.Store milk products in the intendedcompartment in

Page 3

en enMaking ice cubesFill the ice-cube tray 3/4 full with water andplace it in the freezer.As soon as the water has turned into ice, youcan take out t

Page 4

en enCleaning and careInterior and Exterior Surfaces AttentionAlways unplug the power cable or switchoff the circuit breaker before cleaning.Clean the

Page 5

en enPractical tips and notesCooling• Clean fresh food and vegetables beforestoring in the crisper bin.• Always pack or wrap food, or put it in asuita

Page 6 - Safety comes first!

en enExamples of UseWhite wine, beer and mineral waterBananasFish or offalCheeseMelonsRaw meat and poultrychill before usedo not store in a fridgestor

Page 7 - Appliance setup

en enWhat, if...1- The device will not work, even thoughit is switched on.• Check if the mains plug is properly connected!• Check if the mains supply

Page 8 - Warning

Meaning of energy fiche (Only for information purpose)enNoise(dB(A) re 1 pW)ABCDEFGMore efficientLess efficientEnergy consumption kWh/year(Based on st

Page 9 - Prior to startup

en-Index 1-11Safety first .../1Transport instructions.../2Disposal ...

Page 11 - Attention

62543a b c1235

Page 12 - Replacing the interior light

76765451213141521839111023162222232145 °180°19262828252427201817

Page 13 - Practical tips and notes

en en1Congratulations on your choice of our product which will certainly provide you with many yearsof good service.Safety comes first!Please read thi

Page 14 - Normal operating noises

en enTransport instructionsThe device should be transported only inupright position.The packing as supplied must be intact duringtransportation.After

Page 15 - Reversing the doors

en en3Fig. 1Get to know your appliance WarningBelow information about accessories aresupplied only for reference. Below accessoriesmay not be exactly

Page 16 - Manufacturer

en en1 = Lowest cooling setting (Warmest setting)5 = Highest cooling setting (Coldest setting)(Or)Min. = Lowest cooling setting(Warmest setting)Max. =

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